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THA Sanitation Collection

The HSVTHA Board of Directors has heard numerous complaints over a long period of time about trash collection and the unacceptable state of the trash corrals in those courts that have them. From those homeowners who are disabled, we hear that they pay extra for the collectors to pick up from and return the trash can to their homes, but the cans are left at the street. From others, we hear that the collectors will not pick up trash on the corral floor or on the ground. From courts that have a lot of renters, we hear that the renters will just throw trash into or around the corrals instead of into the cans thus attracting flies, maggots, and rats. It is impossible to tell which renter caused the problem unless they are caught in the act (not likely). The Board has received photographs that document these problems and have forwarded them to POA management.

The Board has repeatedly met with the highest levels of the POA to find a solution. The POA’s instructions to their staff are to only pick up bagged trash from the cans. We have asked the POA for a return to the twice-a- week pickup to reduce the rotting trash problem in some courts only to be told either that they did not have the manpower and trucks or that the cost would be at least double. When we asked for the cans and corrals to be cleaned after pickup, their projected additional cost was prohibitive. The staff has been told to return cans to the home but no one enforces the instruction.

As a result, the HSVTHA Board has determined that the best way to satisfy the needs of our homeowners and the Board’s need to maintain a healthy environment is to contract with an independent trash collector. The POA has been notified of our decision, Garland County has been notified, and the trash collection company has the appropriate licenses, permits, and insurance. Not only will the new firm collect trash, but there will be a separate truck with a power washer that will clean the cans and corrals as needed. They will remove trash that is on the floor, ground, or not bagged (please do not take this as license to quit bagging trash!)

They have also agreed to perform minor repairs like fixing corral doors. We have been assured that the cans WILL be returned, clean, to the home. Trash collection fees will be billed through CSM and the HSVTHA office. January 1, 2016 will be the date when the POA’s collection and billing through the water/sewer bill will cease and the new service will begin. As you know, trash collection is not part of the POA assessment but a separate charge on the water/sewer bill. Trash collection will not be a part of the THA assessments either, but will be invoiced separately just as the POA does and will be listed on the assessment coupon. You may choose whether to pay that invoice separately or add it to your current payment. The ACH Authorization form is on the HSVTHA website, your CSM site, and available in the office.

CURBSIDE OR CORRAL PICK-UP: The current POA fee for curb-side or corral pickup is $15.50 for once a week pickup. The new THA fee will be $17/month for once a week pick-up plus $4/month for the cleaning of cans and corrals for a total of $21/month. The cost for 2 curbside or corral pickups per week would be an additional $6/month or $27/month. All courts with corrals and 50 or more units will have twice-a-week pick-up. Courts with corrals and fewer than 50 units will be able to choose between once or twice-a-week service.

AT-HOME PICK-UP: Currently, Castellon is the only court with at home pick-up for all units. The POA fee for at-home pickup once a week is currently $21/month. The THA fee will be the base of $17/month for pick-up and an additional $6 for the at-home service. We have been assured that the cans WILL be returned to the home.

The Board has attempted to make the change as cost “neutral” as possible. You will have a new bill to pay to the THA but your water/sewer bill from the POA will be reduced. Although the charges are slightly greater than what you pay now, you will be receiving more services. The bid specs for the new lawn maintenance contracts included a line for bin/corral cleaning that will no longer be the responsibility of lawn contractors. The Board is working with the lawn contractors on revised bids but it is too early to be able to project what the cost savings will be.

If you have any questions, please attend one of the scheduled Board working or regular meetings where we will be happy to discuss the issue. Updates will also be posted on the website at


  •  The POA owns the current, large trash cans and will be picking them up at the end of the year.

  •  Before January 1, 2016, 32 gallon trash cans will be delivered to the courts which have communal trash corrals. The THA is currently trying to locate as many of the old cans as possible but new cans will also have to be purchased and will be charged to the court budgets. Those with at-home pickup and courts without communal corrals will be responsible for providing their own trash can.




DATE:  August 31, 2015
2016 through 2018 Proposed Assessment Rates




ARISTA $34.45 X 20= $ 689.00
BALBOA COVE $34.45 X 10= $ 344.50
CASTELLON $34.45 X 52= $1791.40
CORONADO $34.45 X 101= $3479.45
CORTEZ $34.45 X 58= $1998.10
DESOTO $34.45 X 90= $3100.50
GUADALAJARA $34.45 X 63= $2170.35
LA CORUNA $34.45 X 67= $2308.15
LANZA $34.45 X 16= $ 551.20
MADRID $34.45 X 152= $5236.40
MAGELLAN $34.45 X 20= $ 689.00
MAJORCA 2 $34.45 X 38= $1309.10
MAJORCA 4 $34.45 X 33= $1136.85
SEGOVIA $34.45 X 21= $ 723.45
VALENCIA $34.45 X 131= $4512.95
VILLA ALEGRE $34.45 X 56= $1929.20
TOTAL: $31,969.96