- Click here for the agenda for the January 16, 2015 regular meeting of the
THA Board of Directors.
      - A meeting of the Standards & Control Committee and the Finance Committee
will be held at the Community Center on January 22, 2015 at 11am.
      -        Click here for the agenda for the January 6, 2015 working meeting.
      -        The Townhouse Association office will be closed for the Christmas holiday,
                   December 25 & 26.  It will reopen on December 29.  If you are already
                   on automatic bank draft to pay assessments, please complete the form
                   entitled Automatic Draft  of Homeowners' Association Dues, included in
                   the packet recently mailed to you.  Mail by January 15, 2015 to the
                   address on the address in Charlotte, NC.  Also, please complete the
                   Contact sheet that was included and mail it in with the bank auto-draft 
       -        Click here for the Bylaw Amendment Motions to be voted on at the December,
                    2014 meeting.
       -        Click here for the Welcome Letter from our new accounting service, Clark
                    Simson Miller.
       -        Click here for the release concerning the THA office reorganization.
       -        During the POA lake draw-down homeowners have been notified that all
                    all boats must be removed from the marina, and can be stored on your
                    property during this time period.  The storage of the boat must not block
                    the right of way at any time.
       -        The next working meeting of the Board of Directors is December 2, 2014.
                    It will begin at 9:30am in the THA Community Center.
       -        Please consider signing up to be on one of our committees or on the Board.
                    Applications are available under the Forms and Applications tab.

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