-   The HSVTHA has been named in a lawsuit and the Board of Directors   
                             under advice of Counsel has been asked not to discuss this matter.  Thank 
                             you for your understanding. 
                        -    During the POA lake draw down homeowners have been advised that all 
                             boats must be removed from the marina, and can be stored on your 
                             property during this time period.  The storage of the boat must not block 
                             the right of way at any time. 
                    -   The next Board Meeting is a Working Board meeting to be held on Tuesday 
                             November 4th, 2014.  It will begin at 9:30am in the Townhouse Community
                             Center Building.

                    -   Please consider signing up to be on one of our committees or on the board. 
                             Applications are available under Forms and Applications.

                    -    11-04-2014 Agenda Coming Soon

                        -   January 2014 Newsletter
About Us:
                         -  HSVTHA consists of 928 Townhouses throughout 16 courts
                         -  Governed by both HSVPOA and HSVTHA
Governing Documents
                         -  Highly qualified Board of Director members with diverse backgrounds
                             who are not paid but volunteer their services
                         -  All of the 
Board Meetings are open to the Association members
                         -  Rentable 
Community Center
                         Stay informed by keeping us informed!  
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